Alternative treatment therapies are being used by child psychologists to treat mental disorders in children. EFT also known as tapping is one such child psychologist alternative which provides a sense of relaxation and calmness and helps them to control their emotions. Alternative therapies are more natural and do not involve drugs or other forms of medication and hence they are perceived as safer for children. These alternative treatment therapies are providing promising results for treating mental disorders in children.

Different Types of Alternative Therapies for Children

Child psychologists use different alternative therapies for treating mental disorders in children. The important alternative therapies used for the same are discussed below:

Play Therapy

Play therapy is focused on bringing out the emotional status of children by engaging them in different acts of playing. It is ideal for children suffering from mental disorders due to some traumatic experiences in their childhood. These traumatic experiences and memories are stored in their subconscious mind and they find it difficult to articulate them. In play therapy, the children convey their feelings and emotions through playing. The therapist then interprets those acts to understand their emotions and provide better therapy for their mental disorder.


Meditation helps to focus the mind gaining better control of various physical and mental phenomenon. It also increases focus and attention in children. Meditation can be used to treat different forms of mental disorders like anxious feelings, stress, depression, insomnia etc. It helps the children to divert their attention from physical and mental stress and focus their attention on other positive things. The child psychologist should be well-trained on meditation before integrating it in their treatment therapy.

Movement Therapy

Children are constantly moving while playing. Movement for them is about how they feel and think. Movement therapy focuses on therapeutic use of the movements to interpret the feelings and emotions of the children. It is also known as dance therapy and in these sessions, children use body movements to convey how they are feeling. The child psychologist then interprets these body movements to understand the emotional, mental, and physical status of the children.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

EFT is the best form of child psychologist alternative as it completely resolves the underlying issues as opposed to finding ways to maintain feelings through other therapies. It is suitable for children of all ages and involves tapping pressure points while they talk about how they feel to bring their body back into a state of balance. Adults can also tap on their children. If the child is under two it is best to lightly press on the points and hold for a few seconds rather than tap. EFT identifies the feelings causing the distress and removes them from the subconscious mind by releasing traumatic events. EFT addresses the root cause of the emotions and resolves the incident so that it is no longer an issue for the child.

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