Family Therapy

Family therapy is a specific and specialised type of treatment directed towards addressing particular issues which may be affecting the health and functioning of a family. Family therapy is generally used for helping families resolve their issues in times of crisis, transitions, or during changes in mental and behavioral patterns of the family members. Family therapy can make use of the Emotional Freedom Technique (also known as tapping or EFT) to assist in resolving traumatic events.

Purpose of Family Therapy

The basic purpose of family therapy is to identify and resolve any mental, emotional, or psychological problems which may be troubling and tearing the family apart. Family therapy may address specific goals like improvement in relationships among family members, resolving conflicts between family and parents, etc.

Benefits of Family Therapy

Family therapy is a holistic approach for solving problems within a family. The family members are guided through a safe and controlled environment. Family therapy provides a better understanding of the family boundaries and dynamics. It also enhances the communication between family members. After undergoing family therapy, the family members will be able to maintain more open and honest communication among themselves and develop healthier relationships.

Family therapy can foster more trust among the family members and bring them together in times of crisis. Family therapy eases tensions and conflicts among family members and enables them to forgive each other easily. Family therapy improves the overall functioning of a family.

How Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Helps in Family Therapy

EFT sessions can be conducted for the entire family. This will help them to identify the potential situations which trigger stressful events. After those triggers are identified, family members can learn to resolve these triggers through the simple, fast and effective use of EFT. EFT is the simple procedure of tapping on acupressure points while talking through their emotions of a particular traumatic event. Generally in this type of family therapy, the parents start with the EFT process and then the children. Generally only 5-10 EFT sessions are needed to completely resolve core traumatic events. That means you don’t need to keep having the therapy like other traditional therapies.


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