The Best Women’s Health Resolution Technique – EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique):

For those who do not know this technique, tapping is a kind of method of releasing traumatic memories or recurring women’s health problems and that prevent us from moving forward in life.

This method is based on thinking about your women’s health problems, emphasizing it and feeling it intensely to then tap on pressure points in your body to resolve and free yourself from the issue.


For some people, focusing on the positive, visualizing and attracting what they want is a safe technique and in this way, it works wonders for them. However, the technique of tapping relies on the opposite that is, talking about the problem and focusing on it, to then release it. There are a number of studies into how tapping has helped women’s health (please see the link at the bottom of the page.)


What is Tapping and how should it be used to help women’s health:

Tapping is a wonderful liberating and effective tool to use. It is a very simple technique to help resolve women’s health problems. Once you have learnt the technique you can use it anywhere and at any time to help release your discomfort.

The tapping is based on a basic concept: All problems including women’s health issues have an underlying emotional cause that have occurred based on events that are generally before the age of 7. The goal of tapping is to resolve these issues by gently tapping certain points of the body while repeating the way you feel. For instance if you feel angry then you would be tapping angry on the pressure points throughout the body until you feel the anger release.

How does the Tapping method work?


To use tapping for women’s health issues you can perform five very simple actions:

  • Identify your problem including the emotion.
  • Rate your problem out of 10 (10 being the worst)
  • List how you feel about the problem and why it’s a problem
  • While you are saying the phrase you have chosen aloud, you should gently tap on a series of points on the body
  • Rate your problem again and if it is a 0 you have resolved it. If not continue to tap to get to 0.

If you are unable to get your rating to a 0 then it’s possible there is an underlying root cause that needs to be released first.

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You can view research on tapping and women’s health here:


What if you could resolve your traumatic issues?

It is possible to live a full and happy life!

women are likely to experience anxiety in their lifetime.
women are likely to experience depression in their lifetime.
men are likely to experience anxiety in their lifetime.
men are likely to experience depression in their lifetime.