Separation Anxiety Disorders



Separation anxiety is a common phenomenon in children. It is when children become anxious when they are separated from their parents and loved ones when going to school or other public places. When the separation anxiety symptoms are prolonged and persistent it may indicate separation anxiety disorder (SAD). Separation anxiety can cause the children difficulties in dealing with day-to-day routines. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a popular alternative treatment therapy for the treatment of separation anxiety.



Some of the most common symptoms of separation anxiety are as follows:

  • Continued anxiety being away from parents and close caregivers
  • Constant worry about losing parents due to illness or other reasons
  • Refusal to go to school, public places due to fear of separation
  • Refusal to stay alone and sleep alone without parents or caregivers
  • Constant headaches, body pains etc.



Treatment of Separation Anxiety Using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

It can be tricky to understand what your child needs, particularly when they are young. Children face emotional issues and can be overwhelmed by negative and stressful thoughts. Separation anxiety can be triggered by stress and traumatic experiences of separation from loved ones. EFT can help to tap into the inner feelings and memories which cause separation anxiety in children. EFT sessions address the root cause- the memories and events- triggering separation anxiety among children.

Tapping instantly has a calming and soothing effect on children. Generally, children do not understand the factors which cause separation anxiety in them and therefore are unable to clearly tell you what they are feeling or why. Tapping sessions helps to bring out those memories and experiences embedded in the subconscious mind of children which cause the separation anxiety. Since the EFT sessions focus on resolving the root cause of the problem, the treatment is permanent if the core issues are resolved.

During EFT sessions with children, it is important to be sensitive and empathic towards them. Either the children can tap on themselves or an adult can. If the child is under 2 then it is best to hold the point rather than tap.

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