Emotional Freedom Technique is an Efficient Technique When Angry


Being angry is an impulsive behavior that is triggered by a negative experience or negative thoughts. Many people choose psychologists or join 12 step programs to help them deal with being angry, however these steps only allow them to control these angry feelings instead of resolving them. Anger can be resolved by simple methods such as the introduction of EFT.

How to manage angry feelings with EFT


People who become angry do so not because they want to but because it comes naturally and may not be controlled. This is generally because there are unresolved angry feelings before the age of 7 caused by a traumatic event. Tapping is an effective way to release anger so that it doesn’t come back if repeating the same pattern. For instance your brain recognises when situations are similar and will automatically go into fight or flight. In the ‘angry’ situation people generally go into the fight response because their brain is recognizing a similar incident compared to their original core issue which is why the emotion comes up. In order to make sure that angry people can release these feelings, it is important to teach them how to perform the EFT technique with the aim of preventing themselves from being angry.



Application of EFT

When angry, it is important to focus on your inner feelings so that you can apply the 5 steps of EFT to resolve the underlying issue.

  • Think of an event
  • Rate your emotion out of 10 (10 being the worst)
  • Tap on the pressure points while stating your emotion and why you feel that way
  • Rate your emotion
  • Keep tapping until you get to a 0

If you can’t get the angry feelings to a 0 then you may need the help of a professional to dig deeper to the core issue and resolve it.

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What if you could resolve your traumatic issues?

It is possible to live a full and happy life!

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