EFT for Anxiety

It is estimated that 27% of the total world population suffers from anxious feelings and this is on a daily basis. So how do anxious feelings come about? We live in a fast paced world with greater expectations placed on us by ourselves and our peers. There are many underlying fears that cause anxious feelings, for instance fear of the unknown, fear of being judged, fear of not being good enough etc.

EFT and resolving anxious feelings

Did you know that we can actually resolve the root cause of our anxious feelings by simply employing the tapping technique which is quick, effective and long lasting. Anxious feelings occur when our brains and the whole nervous system becomes oversensitive to a point where we may not be in a position to control it. Anxious feelings can cause our heart to race, sweating and butterflies in our stomach to name a few. In order to resolve anxious feelings we tap on pressure points throughout our body while talking through what we are feeling.


Steps of EFT for Anxiety

Just like the name suggest, “emotional freedom” is actually the basis of EFT. The first step in managing your anxious feelings is identifying your problem. The problem is usually a traumatic memory or event. You need to rate your feeling out of 10. The reason for this is so you can see that the tapping is helping release the emotion. It can be hard to remember how anxious you were after you are feeling better. Then you can start tapping and talking through your feelings. Keep going through the tapping until your anxious feelings have subsided. If your anxious feelings can’t get down to a 0 you may need the help of an EFT for anxiety practitioner who will be able to delve deep into the root cause of your anxious feelings (which usually occurs prior to the age of 7.)

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You can view research on tapping and anxious emotions here:


What if you could resolve your traumatic issues?

It is possible to live a full and happy life!

women are likely to experience anxiety in their lifetime.
women are likely to experience depression in their lifetime.
men are likely to experience anxiety in their lifetime.
men are likely to experience depression in their lifetime.
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