Mood Swings


It is normal for people to go through different moods. However, if the mood swings are persistent with the person changing between very happy to very depressed moods regularly and it starts affecting their daily life, then expert advice is a must. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is becoming a popular alternative treatment technique for treating mood swings.

Causes of Mood Swings

There are various factors which can lead to wild mood swings. Some of the most common causes of mood swings are discussed below:


Mental Health

Mental health and traumas are one of the major factors resulting in mood swings. These are also known as mood disorders. People suffering from anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, personality disorder etc. are likely to have greater and more intense mood swings. Other mental health conditions like schizophrenia and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) also contribute to mood swings.


Hormones can also lead to mood swings. Mostly the hormones affecting the chemistry of the human brain is the result of mood swings. Certain phases of life like teen years and pregnant and women experiencing menopause are likely to have mood swings due to change in hormonal levels in their bodies.

Use of Substance

Persistent and regular consumption of substances like alcohol, drugs, steroids etc. can lead to mood swings. These substances often result in addiction and the person finds it difficult to reduce the consumption and let go.

Other Health Conditions

In addition to these factors, other health conditions can also lead to fluctuating mood swings. Health conditions like ailments related to lungs, cardiovascular system, thyroid etc. are known to trigger mood swings. Health conditions and disorders affecting the central nervous system of the human body can also result in mood swings.


Treatment of Mood Swings using EFT (tapping)

Mood swings can be caused by mental illness and disorders. The memories and feelings which trigger mood swings are stored in the subconscious mind and generally, people do not know those memories or the cause of mood swings. EFT helps to identify those memories and work towards addressing them. EFT sessions can lead to developing positive emotions in the patients and helping them achieve inner calm and peace by completely resolving traumas so that you no longer have an emotion towards the event. The effectiveness of EFT in addressing mood swings is attributed to the treatment of the root cause of mood swings- traumatic memories and feelings in the subconscious mind. EFT has produced positive results in treating mental illness and disorders in a permanent manner, thereby treating the resultant mood swings in the patients.

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women are likely to experience anxiety in their lifetime.
women are likely to experience depression in their lifetime.
men are likely to experience anxiety in their lifetime.
men are likely to experience depression in their lifetime.