Tapping for Weight loss

Our lifestyles are leading to people becoming obese due to stress filled and hectic lives. Stress and other forms of mental disorders lead to sustained weight gain and an unhealthy lifestyle. It is estimated that globally approximately 1.9 billion adults (39% of total adult population) were overweight of which 650 million (13% of total adult population) were obese in 2016. More than 63% of the Australian adult population was overweight in 2014-2015. 28% of the adult population in Australia were obese in 2014-15, up from 19% in 1995. 22,700 weight loss surgery were done in 2014-15 compared to only 9300 such surgeries in 2004-05. Tapping for weight loss (Emotional Freedom Technique -EFT) is a popular alternative treatment to help lose those unwanted kilos.