EFT has had some amazing results. See below for more details:

Dr. Peta Stapelton conducted a year long trial in several Queensland schools with amazing results. You can watch it here:

Orphaned adolescents: “50 adolescents who had been traumatized and orphaned by genocide 12 years earlier exhibited PTSD symptoms such as intrusive flashbacks, nightmares, difficulty concentrating, aggressiveness, bedwetting, and withdrawal. After one session between 20-60 minutes only 6% of the adolescents still scored within the PTSD. They were followed up one-year on with 8% scoring within the PTSD range. On a companion inventory administered directly to the adolescents, 72% scored within the PTSD range prior to treatment, 18% scored within this range immediately after treatment (p < .0001), and 16% scored within the PTSD range on one-year follow-up.” See more details on pg 6

Abused adolescents: “A single-session treatment protocol was conducted with 16 abused male adolescents in Peru (Church, Piña, Reategui, & Brooks, 2011). The participants, who all scored above the PTSD threshold on a standardized self-inventory, were randomly assigned to an EFT treatment group or a wait-list group. Each of the eight participants in the treatment group no longer met the PTSD criteria thirty days after the treatment session. None in the wait list control group showed significant change. “ See more details on pg 6

War veterans with PTSD: “Acupoint tapping with 59 veterans suffering with symptoms of PTSD were randomly assigned to a treatment group or a wait-list control group (Church, Hawk et al., in press). The initial mean score on the PTSD standardized checklist was 61.4 for the treatment group and 66.6 for the wait-list group. The PTSD cutoff is 50. The mean score after six treatment sessions had decreased to 34.6. The mean score for the waitlist group a month after the initial testing was essentially unchanged (65.3). The control group was then offered treatment. A total of 49 participants, all of whom had initially scored above the PTSD cut-off, ultimately received six hour-long EFT sessions. Eighty-six percent no longer scored in the PTSD range following the treatment.“ See more details on pg 8

Anxiety in public speaking: “An investigation randomly assigned 36 subjects who reported anxiety when speaking in front of a group to a wait-list condition or a 45-minute EFT session (Jones, Thornton, & Andrews, 2011). The treatment group showed statistically significant decreases on standardized checklists for public speaking anxiety, communication apprehension, and trait and state anxiety as well as a significant decrease in indicators of anxiety on an observer behavioral checklist.” See more details on pg 9

Test Taking Anxiety: “70 students, were randomly assigned to an EFT group or a progressive relaxation group and taught how to self-apply the procedure at home. The students were asked to use EFT three times per week for the following two months, particularly at times when feeling anxiety about the test. The test taking anxiety inventory was then administered. Both groups showed a significant improvement in scores on the inventory, but the improvement for the EFT group (mean pre-treatment score of 53.9 decreased to 33.9) was significantly greater than the decrease (56.3 to 44.9) for the relaxation.” See more details on pg 9-10

Depression, Generalized Anxiety, and other Psychological Symptoms. “Brattberg (2008), investigating EFT outcomes with fibromyalgia, and Karatzias et al. (2011), investigating EFT outcomes with PTSD, both used the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale and found highly significant pre/post-treatment improvement on both anxiety and depression. An RCT investigating the use of EFT in treating depressed college students (Church, De Asis, & Brooks, in press) showed that after four 90-minute group sessions, average scores on the Beck Depression Inventory went from well into the range of moderate depression (23.4) down to well below the depression cutoff (6.1).” Please see more details on pg 10

Pain and Physical Illness: “270 case reports of EFT successfully reducing physical pain are described on http://www.EFTUniverse.com (retrieved December 12, 2011). The Church and Brooks (2010) study of 216 health care workers included a 20-minute sequence using EFT to focus on physical pain. A 68% reduction in self-reported physical pain on an 11-point Likert-type scale was found immediately following the self-applied tapping.” Please see more details on pg 10-11

Weight Control: “Investigating acupoint tapping to reduce food craving, Stapleton, Sheldon, and Porter (2012) randomized 96 participants into a treatment group that participated in four 2hour group EFT sessions and a wait-list group. Following treatment, reductions were found in food craving and ability to restrain from cravings (p < .05), which persisted on one-year followup along with statistically significant reductions in weight and body mass. Maintaining weight loss is one of the largest challenges in weight management. Ten hours of treatment were provided over a 12-week period. The acupoint treatment was followed by minimal weight gain (average of .1 kg) at 24 weeks.” Please see more details on pg 11

Athletic Performance: “While professional athletes and others concerned with peak performance are increasingly utilizing acupoint stimulation (46 cases of improved athletic or artistic performance are described on http://ww.EFTUniverse.com, retrieved December 12, 2011), only two controlled trials have been published. In an RCT by Church (2009), 26 high performance (PAC-10) male and female college basketball players were randomly assigned to an experimental group that received a 15-minute EFT session or a control group that received a coaching session of similar duration. Pre- and post-intervention performance was measured on free throws and vertical jump height. The timeframe of treatment and data collection simulated an actual basketball game. On the post-test, vertical jump height had not significantly changed, but players who received the EFT intervention improved an average of 20.8% on free throws while the control group decreased an average of 16.6.” Please see more details on pg 11-12

“The most salient research finding for speculating on why acupoint stimulation may be effective in treating PTSD and other anxiety-based disorders emerged from a ten-year research program at Harvard Medical School investigating the effects of stimulating specific acupuncture points. Imaging studies showed that the stimulation of certain points with needles reliably produced prominent decreases of activity in the amygdala, hippocampus, and other brain areas associated with fear (Hui et al., 2000). Subsequent investigations by the same team provided “additional evidence in support of previous reports” that acupuncture is able to produce “extensive deactivation of the limbic-paralimbic-neocortical system” (Fang et al., 2009, p. 1196). What makes the Hui and Fang studies so pivotal? In almost all acupoint stimulation protocols, the physical procedure is done simultaneously with the mental activation of a psychological problem or desired state. In this sense, energy psychology with PTSD and other anxiety disorders is an exposure technique (Feinstein, 2010). Bringing to mind an emotional trigger, problematic scene, or unresolved traumatic memory activates the amygdala, arousing a threat response. Stimulating selected acupoints, according to the Harvard studies, simultaneously sends deactivating signals to the amygdala. Repetition of the physical intervention resolves these opposing signals by reducing the arousal while the trigger is still mentally active. The hippocampus records that the memory or trigger is being safely engaged without a stress response, and the neural pathways that initiate the associated stress response are permanently altered. Being able to encounter the memory or trigger without limbic arousal becomes the new normal.” Please see more details on pg 15


“As published in the Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease a study was conducted on 83 subjects and were randomly assigned either the emotional freedom technique group, psychotherapy group or nor treatment group. The emotional freedom technique group showed significant improvements in anxiety, lowered by 58.34%, depression by 49.33% in just 1 session of EFT.”


Being a practitioner myself, I am always looking for highly trained facilitators to support me and I have found that in Meagan Goodes. She is compassionate, thorough, highly skilled and has a relaxed style that creates a supportive space for transformation and healing. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Thank you Meagan.

Noeline Banova

From the moment I met Meagan Goodes, I felt so comfortable, that I was able trust her with my most inner fears, anger and resentfulness towards past experiences. I had been feeling a heavy burden for a long time and hadn’t realised how much energy was being blocked by accumulated emotions connected to past events. After the session, I felt an increased sense of self-confidence and self- acceptance that has helped me feel empowered. Meagan created a wonderful, trusting safe environment as she guided me through Emotional Freedom Techniques and Alpha Re-patterning that helped me overcome unhelpful thought patterns. I am now able to remember those past events without feeling emotionally bound to them. I am incredibly grateful and highly recommend Meagan as an EFT and Alpha Re-patterning practitioner. Thank you Meagan, you are amazing

Sandra Harwood

A self confessed chocoholic. My ultimate craving since having my baby 6 weeks ago was Arnott Mint Slice biscuits

I came and saw Meagan for a trial a week ago to tackle my craving and addiction and I am surprised but also ecstatic to report that I have not had one biscuit since our session!

Meagan is fantastic. She is warm and accomodating and made me feel at ease so quickly and effortlessly. I was really apprehensive about the session and also skeptical. But in our discussion between tapping there were some personal revelations and some laughs (from me). It was quite enjoyable.

Once we finished and when I thought about the mint slices, as asked There was a sense of dullness. I didn’t NEED the biscuits. I took the biscuits home and popped them in my fridge. I saw them there and felt that same dullness. I could leave them there and did. It’s been a week now and I still have not felt the need to have them. My partner opened them and left half a packet and I still didn’t need them or really want them as i desperately did before.

I haven’t eaten a mint slice in a week! Absolutely amazing!!

Thanks Meagan for an amazing experience and result. I’ll be back! Highly recommended, from a skeptic-no more.

Nicole Kovach

Thank you Meagan for working your magic on me. The story that came up for me was strange (an ironing board!) but clearly relevant to the stuff I needed to deal with. You helped me to shift an incident that has bothered and frustrated me for years and you did it all without me even saying a word – you just tuned straight in and knew exactly what to work on. I feel like another part of the mess that was my childhood has been cleared away. I highly recommend this lady!

Marie Spencer-Rowland

Self acceptance was something I have struggled with all of my life.

Having suffered emotional abuse for many years i have tried traditional talk therapy, reiki, massage just about anything i thought could help me to move forward…i have even resorted to medications.

I felt “stuck” emotionally and professionally and although all of which I tried helped me to feel better for a while I never resolved my emotional “stuff”. I would cry about stuff that happened 30 odd years ago as though it were happening in the now.

That was until I discovered EFT. I met Meagan at an EFT workshop and from then on she has been my go to person for all things emotional. She has an authentic, nurturing, caring passion for helping people and that was evident instantly!

Meagan i can’t thank you enough for all that you have helped me to resolve in such a short period of time.

I highly recommend Meagan for anyone who is ready to live their best life

Stella Georgiou

Thank you for your kindness, warmth and professionalism.
Your dedication and thorough approach to EFT allowed me to clear negative energies and remove some emotional triggers left behind after family conflict. Thank you.

Cara Trott

Thankyou Meagan! You made me feel comfortable and able to speak openly with ease. Meagan took the time to work through my layers of negative feelings and stressors my body and mind have been consumed with whilst teaching/guiding me through the EFT tapping process. I feel now that any negative emotion I had towards the situations we tapped about has subsided and I don’t let it consume me like I did prior to our session.

Jess Brydon

I went in today feeling stressed and anxious and left feeling a lot more calm and as if I am on the slow path to reach my goals. Thank you For today Meagan.

Jaimee Andrew

I had the pleasure and honor of working closely with Meagan Goodes a while back when she was first planning this business.

If you’re considering working with Meagan, I invite you take the plunge NOW and make what I believe will be a truly life-changing decision.

I’ve worked with a lot of people who use my intuitive services to help them find their calling or launch their business. 

That’s how I know how very RARE it is to find people who are as goal-oriented as Meagan is… NOT in terms of selfish goals, mind you, but rather in terms of truly ALTRUISTIC goals.

Beyond being incredibly smart, attentive to detail, and creative as a problem-solver, Meagan is a deeply and authentically caring person.

This work is her calling. And at her core, she TRULY cares not just about people but also about society at large.

During our several weeks of work together I had the opportunity to notice that Meagan’s actions, her words, and her very SOUL were all in alignment with her goal of wanting to help and heal people of all ages while also teaching them how to help and heal themselves.

She’s extremely intuitive, honest, attentive, caring, nonjudgmental, and compassionate. Moreover, unlike some who offer similar services, Meagan empowers clients rather than encouraging them to be dependent upon her services.

Meagan’s joy is to help clients drill down into their core issues so they can feel better about themselves, their situations, and any past traumas.

She’s an authentic, intuitive, effective, and ethical healer, and I thus give Meagan my strongest endorsement possible.


Jeanne-Marie Taylor


We provide mental health services of EFT (also known as tapping or the Emotional Freedom Technique to help resolve triggers and events that have traumatized you over your life time. It is a quick, effective and long lasting approach when resolving the core issues.

Disclaimer from AAMET: the information and coaching we provide is intended to educate, inform, amuse and inspire you on your personal journey towards optimal health and a thriving lie. It is clearly not intended to replace a one on one relationship with a qualified health care professional and is definitely not intended as medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. If you are under the care of any health professional (or should be), we strongly encourage you to discuss modifications in your diet, lifestyle, exercise program, nutrition or use of Energy Tapping (EFT) with them prior to making any changes and never discontinue or reduce prescription medications without consulting your doctor or pharmacist.